Vesica piscis

The vesica piscis is a shape that is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the perimeter of the other.wpp4-vesica-and-symmetry-desat-color-light-effects-090

The Vesica Piscis is easily one of the most profound geometrical images of ancient and modern times.  Essentially the intersection of two, overlapping spheres, the Vesica Piscis (including the interior portion of it, and/or the more common two dimensional version) represents, among other things:

– The formative power of polygons, creating the square, triangle, pentagon, octahedron, etc…

-The beginning of the Seed of Life, Leading to the Flower of Life, Creating an overlay of the Tree of Life

– Used extensively in Medieval sculpture and painting

– A symbol for Jesus Christ “the Fish”

– The female reproductive opening, you can imagine….

– A geometrical description of square roots and harmonic proportions, numbers, in space, time, and….

– A source of energy and knowledge, study it just a bit and tell me you don’t feel it, “resonance”?

The name Vesica Piscis literally means the “bladder of a fish” in Latin. The shape is also called mandorla, or “almond”.